15/06/15 – Temporary Road Closure – B4030 Steeple Aston and Lower Heyford



Section 14(1)

Notice of Temporary Traffic Order

B4030 Steeple Aston and Lower Heyford

Prohibition of Through Traffic

Date of Order: 7 April 2015

Coming into force: 15th June 2015


This Order is being introduced because of two sets of works for broadband cabling which are anticipated to take 10 days and 8 days respectively to complete. The effects of the Order are to temporarily prohibit any vehicle proceeding or waiting in the following roads:

15th June – The B4030 Station Road, Lower Heyford, westwards to the junction with Heyford Road;

15th June – The B4030 from the A4260 Hopcrofts Holt traffic lights, eastwards to the junction with Heyford Road.

Appropriate traffic signs will be displayed to indicate when the measures are in force. Exemptions are included for emergency services and the works and for access to premises which are only accessible from the closed sections of road.

The alternative route for traffic counter-clockwise is via Bunkers Hill A4095 to Kirtlington, the B430 to Middleton Stoney, and the B4030 to Lower Heyford, and vice versa.

This Order will remain in force for a maximum period of 18 months or until the works have been completed whichever is the sooner.


Traffic Regulations Team (Ref HJG) on behalf of the Director for Environment & Economy, Speedwell House, Oxford OX1 1NE. 0845 310 1111.