Bespoke wedding blessings –

If you believe in the spiritual, but are not comfortable with traditional Faiths, and want a ceremony with more meaning than a Registry Office can provide, then an Interfaith Wedding Blessing might be the answer.

Wedding blessings can be performed almost anywhere – indoors, outdoors, at home, elsewhere, on beaches, in ancient manor houses, chateaus in France, on lakes and ponds, accompanied by dogs, horses…

You have complete control over the content and ceremony. If you have a dream of how your wedding will be, I will do my best to help you realise it. If you know you want something unique but can’t tell what, then I’ve plenty of ideas.

There’s lots more information, and a contact form, on my website –

Although many people haven’t heard of interfaith ministers, there are roughly 2000 of us in the UK, and we have been studying and ordained here for over 20 years. We are NOT radical, we do NOT have a creed, we are here to serve and NOT to convert anyone to anything. Since my own ordination in 2001, I have helped nearly a hundred couples design their own service and performed it for them, including some in this village.