Bicester Rural Neighbourhood Policing – August 2013

With the onset of the summer holidays, the neighbourhood team has turned its focus from school zigzag parking to speeding as requested by our NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group, a committee made up of volunteer members of the rural community). As a result, we’ve also been working more closely with other departments that can help us; Roads Policing patrols, Roads Policing cameras, and the special constables who are trained in the use of the mobile speed device.

On 2/7/13 PCSO Cooper from the team visited Caulcott to conduct a SID (Speed Indicator Device) from 16:20 to 17:10 hours. 82 vehicles passed through the SID travelling in the direction of Upper Heyford village. 24 vehicles were speeding and have been added to the Community Speedwatch database.

You may be interested to know that the mobile camera van has been specifically on our area for 136 hours this year so far; 58.5 hours at Station Road, Lower Heyford over 26 visits and 77.5 hours at Ardley Road, Middleton Stoney over 35 visits.

The special constables also carried out two days of action on Friday 2nd August, attending the B4030 in Ardley, Somerton Road in Upper Heyford, and Station Road in Lower Heyford and on Tuesday 6th August in Murcott Road, Arncott, Norris Road in Arncott and Green Lane in Chesterton.

Away from speeding, our horse tack marking mission continues, with our largest “haul” to date at Wendlebury Riding School – over 100 saddles and 150 bridles in one go! If you have tack and would like it security marked please contact the team – our service is free of charge and we will come to you even if you only have 1 saddle.

On 8th August at 01:30 hours a stop/check on a suspicious vehicle parked up just outside of Bucknell found that the driver had used class A drugs. They were duly arrested, and during a search of the car a lock knife, BB gun and various drugs paraphernalia was found.

You may have seen on Twitter and in the local press that we have had a problem of ASB (Anti Social Behaviour), underage drinking and illegal camping at a field outside Caversfield. The landowner had cleared up a skip load of bottles, cans and other rubbish. Information posters have been put up, the site is receiving regular patrols from all Bicester Police Officers and by liaising with Cherwell District Council ASB officer we are following up with the parents of all children found there. Please discuss this with your children if you think your family may be connected.

The PCOS gave a safety talk to the year 6 children at Steeple Aston Primary School in preparation for “big” school.

Finally, patrols in the small hours of the morning during this beautiful spell of weather have found some serious security breaches. Please remember to close your doors (yes, we’ve been waking people up to close their front doors!) and downstairs windows overnight. Let’s not make it easy for burglars.

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11/8/13, 1200-1500hrs: WPC Brown and PCSO Cooper will be at the Finmere show.
14/8/13, 1000-1100hrs: PC Sullivan will be outside Mixbury Church.
18/8/13, 1100-1700hrs: PCSO Cooper will be at Stratton Audley Country Fair.
20/8/13, 1100-1200hrs: WPC Brown will be at the Chesterton village coffee morning.
21/8/13, 1900-2000hrs: PCSO Kidd will be at the playing field in Murcott Road, Arncott.

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