Calm, Caring + Confident First Aid Training

We offer a wide range of courses…

…from the more formal HSE-approved First Aid at Work, through specialist skills for lifeguards and carers, to more relaxed courses for parents, grand-parents, au pairs and baby-sitters.

Always happy to run a course in-company, for community groups, or at your home, naturally we are fully CRB checked at the Enhanced level.

All of our courses can be run for groups of any size, and in many parts of the country. While we can work with individuals, if you can find a group of 3 or more, then we promise that the cost will be very competitive. Groups that use us include;

  • Baby and toddler (we’ve had great fun running evening courses for new mums and dads, grandparents who are sharing the child-minding, and new friends they met at ante-natal classes or through Mumsnet!)
  • Sports clubs (both for members and for their coaches)
  • Therapists (from local clinics)
  • Creches / Playgroups
  • Schools (we are an ideal ‘inset’ option)
  • Hairdressers (in the salon out-of-hours)
  • Carers (of children with special needs as a team)
  • Parents and Grandparents
  • Business park (individuals from several firms)
  • Small construction company

We have a FREE follow-up service to help maintain your confidence and skills for longer.

What makes us different…

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of First Aid training companies out there and they prepare people following a strictly controlled syllabus. Few companies can actually explain what it is that makes them different. Some will try to impress with their international experience, others with their military or emergency services pedigree. But you are a first-aider, not a relief worker or a professional ambulance technician. First aiders never know when something will happen that they need to deal with, though fortunately most won’t have to do so often. It could be months or years before someone needs you to help them.

When someone isn’t feeling well, especially if it’s sudden, if they’ve had an accident, or something has happened that they weren’t expecting, the last thing they need is someone flapping around, demanding information and insisting that they do things they don’t want to do. Sadly that’s what too many first-aiders are like – and they get us all a bad reputation.

One of the most important qualities that a professional brings is calmness – a reassurance that the person is in safe hands, that they WON’T have to do anything that they’re not sure about, but that the first aider is focused on them 100%, and can explain what’s going on and why. These skills are often lost in traditional first-aid training.

While we still follow the formal syllabus, and you receive the appropriate, nationally recognised, qualification at the end, our USP – the thing that makes us different – is that we help our first aiders become calm, caring and confident.

Please browse our site, pick a course, and give us a call (07785 222380). If you’re at all unsure what it is that you need, then just ask.