Help with your search for a new executive/professional job

Elsewhere, I help senior executives find a new job when they have been made redundant or have had to leave an organisation. This is promoted through a website (

The approach is well proven, allowing you to jump up the ladder, across fields, even around the world, and do so quickly. Someone once called it “Stealth Job Finding” – in a way they were right. Every year, millions of jobs are filled without ever being advertised. They go to people who are known, who are liked, and who are trusted. The “Senior Executive’s Emergency Job Search” puts you into that position.

I’m aware that there are a few people in the villages who could benefit from this kind of approach – both who have been made redundant and not been finding it easy to get a new job, or who took a career break, were intending returning to work around now, but are finding this impossible in the current economic climate.

My approach works at all levels and for most types of work.

If you are an executive or professional, at any level, living in the villages, and are not having much luck finding a new role, then I would be very happy to have a chat – IN COMPLETE CONFIDENCE.

I have no intention of charging friends and neighbours for this service. Once we have got you into a new job, and you are happy, you’re welcome to buy me a drink or two!

Check out my site (, sign up for the free book, then send me a message using the form on the site – mention that we’re neighbours and I’ll get straight back to you.

This is a genuine offer – I simply want to help if I can.