How Remote Was Our Valley – Before Canal & Railway

Ever wondered what it was like in Lower Heyford before the coming of boats and trains?

It was a quite a poverty-stricken out-in-the-wilderness spot: a few wealthy land-owners and many poor cottagers.

Local resident, Peter Deeley, has written and self-published “How Remote Was Our Valley – Before Canal & Railway.” The Oxford Canal arrived in 1790 and the GWR in 1850. The book tells of the impact on North Oxfordshire, the Cherwell Valley and the local villages, our Lower Heyford in particular. There are echoes of today’s battle over HS2 – how the planners then went about buying and carving up the land to dig the routes.

Copies costing £6.25 (that includes postage and packing) can be obtained by writing to;

Peter Deeley
2, Knapton’s Croft,
Market Square,
Lower Heyford,
OX25 5NR.

In the area he is happy to deliver a copy on his cycle for £5 (ONLY £4 to inhabitants of Lower Heyford.)

A good Xmas present.