If someone needed help, would you know what to do? First Aid at Work, Rest and Play

It’s a sad reality that most of us are in a position where we could try to save someone else’s life once in our own life. That person is usually our own spouse or child, a friend, neighbour, or colleague at work.

Yet, most people don’t know what to do. A survey recently showed that 47% of parents don’t know how to deal effectively with their child if they stop breathing (usually because they have been choking).

It only takes a day to learn a whole raft of useful ways of helping deal with most injuries and medical conditions.

We offer a wide range of Government approved (HSE, OFQUAL, and OFSTED) and bespoke training courses on all aspects of first-aid – adult, child, baby and work-related. Not only do we teach the latest techniques, bu we focus on helping people become calm and confident so that they can care effectively.

Why not visit our website: www.first-aid-course.info and sign up for one soon?