KGF Playground now open subject to conditions 10th July 2020

KGF Playground is now open subject to adherence to the following rules that have been identified during a risk assessment conducted against current Government Guidelines:

  • Users must clean the equipment before and after use, using a sanitising spray or gel.  LHPC and KGF will not be conducting routine sanitisation of the playground or equipment, therefore all users use these facilities at their own risk
  • No more than two different households may use the playground concurrently
  • Please be courteous to all users and limit your time in the playground to 30 minutes at busy times
  • If more than one household is using the playground simultaneously, it is advised that those who can wear facemasks do so to reduce the risk of infecting others’
  • To help reduce the risk of infection, food and drink is not to be consumed on these premises.  All litter must be placed in the bins provided or taken home for safe disposal

COVID-19 remains a risk for us all.  Please do not be reckless with your health or the health of others who may be more vulnerable than you.  If there is evidence of these rules not being adhered to then LHPC and KGF reserve the right to close the playground until the risks can be mitigated.

If you observe breaches of these rules, please report these to

Playground Covid-19 Risk Assessment June 2020