Major development proposed for Lower Heyford

Important notice to all residents of Lower Heyford and Caulcott

You may have seen, or may shortly see, the following piece in the Valley News:

“A few weeks ago, surveyors were seen working busily in Station Road, Lower Heyford. They were from a firm called Stilwell’s, who turned out to be working for a developer named Bonnar Allan. Nobody – County or District, landowners or agents, MPs or councillors – seemed to know what they were about. It now appears that they have since approached Corpus Christi College, who own much of the land round Lower Heyford for permission to put in a proposal for Part 2 of the District Plan, which will specify sites for development.”

“…, it appears that Bonnar Allan are proposing an incredible 5,000 houses at Lower Heyford! (Not to mention the two schools, a retail centre and a new country park.) To put this in perspective, this would be double the numbers at Heyford Park and 20% more than the Bicester Ecotown – and all in the open country. This is justified as taking some of Oxford’s overspill, using Heyford Station to link with Oxford.

But don’t panic! So far, this is just a proposal and has yet to be even evaluated by Cherwell. It runs totally contra to every principle in the Local Plan Part 1 (which Part 2 is supposed to support). It exceeds even the maximum number of houses Cherwell is considering whether to take from Oxford (and even the principle of overspill, let alone the total, is still disputed). It is totally inappropriate for Lower Heyford and the Rousham Conservation Area. And it is likely to be totally contrary to the Mid Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan.”

This is to advise that we have asked Nigel Rankine and Alan Barry of Bonnar Allen and John Harrison, the Bursar of Corpus Christi College to attend the next meeting of the Parish Council and they have agreed. Nigel Rankine has said that he will briefly outline their thinking and explain that he intends to launch a series of public consultations for local residents and some further afield later this year.

This will be held in St Mary’s Church, Church Lane, Lower Heyford at 19:00 on 21 April 2016. In view of the fact that I would imagine many residents will wish to attend the Chair of the meeting will propose to put the discussion of the item at the beginning of the agenda.

Denise Ball
Lower Heyford and Caulcott Parish Council