Police – Monthly Update – October 2015

Crimes of note

We have had several vans broken into over the last month in Ambrosden, Blackthorn, Fewcott and Wendlebury where tools have been stolen. Some of these happened overnight, others during the day when workmen were leaving their vans open whilst working nearby. A house in Newton Morrell was broken into and jewellery was stolen. Police have arrested four males for this and they are currently on police bail.

A house in Blackthorn was broken into and cash and other items stolen. Two vehicles have had their number plates stolen and some farm gates and a caravan were also stolen from different locations in the village. We have also had heating oil stolen from a property in Fewcott. People are beginning to fill their tanks ready for winter, so please be extra vigilant and take note of the security advice below.

Following last month’s update regarding the male that had been arrested for thefts from vehicles. I can now report that James Maughan of Bicester has been charged with two thefts from vehicles in Stratton Audley and Merton and was remanded by the court to prison to await trial.

Gary Wickens from Hethe breached his Criminal Behaviour Order on the 21st August and was fined £40 by the courts.

Crime Prevention Advice- Heating Oil Thefts

Don’t be left out in the …

CCTV can deter thieves and record any tampering or theft

Oil levels check these often and report any irregularities

Location of your oil tank, so it is in view of the property

Defensive planting can deter thieves, grow prickly hedges

Consider using security lighting to illuminate your tank, use an alarm for oil levels or build a cage around the tank. It is difficult to secure such a valuable asset as it is kept outside, often in full view and has to be accessed easily by your fuel supplier.
If damaged by thieves it could also cause an environmental catastrophe.

Out and about

WPC Brown & PCSO Kidd attended Stratton Audley Parish council meeting in October and also the opening of Chesterton community centre. Members of the team participated in an operation targeting organised crime at Bullingdon Prison in conjunction with the National Crime Agency which resulted in three arrests being made and several searches carried out under the Misuse of Drugs Act.