Police report – April 10th 2016

In Souldern and Wendlebury cars were scratched and in Upper Heyford stones were thrown at a car causing damage, the rear doors to a van in Ardley were damaged. In Steeple Aston a car sustained damage to its roof and bonnet when a male jumped on it, he was subsequently arrested for the offence and also arson where he set light to a front door to a property, he is currently on bail for the offences whilst the investigation progresses.

A male was detained and given a police caution when he was stopped in Caversfield and found to be in possession of cannabis.

Pallets were stolen from the rear of a lorry parked up in Wendlebury and some heating oil was stolen from an address in Somerton. In Arncott buckets were stolen from a digger and in Chesterton a mobile phone was stolen from a locker at Chesterton Golf club.

There were two burglaries on the same night in Duns Tew last month. A garage was broken into and tools were stolen and a house was burgled and tools were also stolen whilst in Fringford there was an attempt burglary to a shed where damage was caused to the door..

A vehicle was stolen from the driveway of an address Launton, it was subsequently recovered along with a stolen caravan it was towing and a person arrested. This came as a result of the driver being seen by police officers using a mobile phone. The driver was stopped and police checks carried out during which it was discovered that both the vehicle and caravan were stolen. This stop took place a few weeks after the actual theft took place.

Court Results

Theresa Maynard of Caversfield pleaded guilty to criminal damage and was fined £200 and ordered to pay compensation of £400.

Adrian Mackenzie of Caversfield pleaded guilty to 6 accounts of fraud against his employer and was given a 15 month prison sentence suspended for 24 months.

Out and About

Officers form the team also attended Marsh Gibbon Pony Club and gave a talk to the members about safety issues when riding and crime prevention, in particular marking of tack and equipment.

We executed a warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act at an address in Caversfield, as a result a large established Cannabis factory was found. To date 2 persons have been arrested and the investigation is still ongoing.

I made a request for any dates of village events that you would like us to attend and have only had 2 responses. If you would like us to come along to your event then please let me know by emailing me at: caroline.brown@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk

In March a meeting was held and each Parish council was invited to send a representative along to the meeting. We received 10 responses indicating they would be attending. On the evening we had only 3 parishes represented, Steeple Aston, Duns Tew and Upper Heyford, which was really disappointing. During the meeting we set our Neighbourhood priorities for the next 12 months.

After a consultation it was agreed that the priorities are

  • Speeding
  • Parking in general but specifically around schools
  • Anti Social Behaviour (ASB)

We will be addressing these issues over the next 12 months and will keep you updated with our progress.