POLICE : Update for January 2016

thames_valley_crestWe were working hard throughout the Christmas period and although the usual excesses of the season lead to some unruly behaviour, thankfully it remained relatively calm. Some of the team worked over Christmas and were kept busy dealing with a variety of calls. New Years Eve saw two of the team working over midnight and again were kept busy. One member of the team assisted Banbury Rural in a police operation following a spate of burglaries on the area and also supported the national drink drive campaign.

In relation to crimes reported there was an incident in the street on Christmas day in Chesterton which resulted in two males being arrested for public order and assault, both males are currently on police bail whilst the investigation progresses. Diesel was stolen from a tractor parked in a barn at a farm near Wendlebury. Two vehicles in Ambrosden had holes punched in the locks in what we believe was an attempt to gain entry in Ambrosden. There have also been several sheds been broken into in Steeple Aston and garden tools stolen.

There were also several thefts from vehicles where tools have been stolen in Upper Heyford, Duns Tew and Arncott. Members of the team assisted in the execution of a warrant to search an address where a large quantity of stolen power tools were recovered, a male has been arrested and the investigation is ongoing.

Over the last week a caravan was stolen from the drive of a house in Ambrosden and two nights later a vigilant neighbour in Bicester spotted people trying to steal their neighbours caravan, thanks to their prompt action the theft was prevented and the offenders made off despite an extensive search of the area involving both the helicopter and a police dog. Both these incidents took place around 2330 hours.


Court Results

Chelsea Barker from Bicester park homes was arrested for criminal damage to a park home and pleaded guilty at court where she received a £50 fine. John Day from Hethe pleaded guilty to a public order offence and was fined a total of £250.


Crime prevention advice

Each year around 1,400 caravans are stolen in the UK. Very few are ever returned to their original owner, partly because they can ‘disappear’ into an illicit network of buyers and sellers, and partly because, when a caravan is found by the police, all identifying marks have been removed – it is not uncommon for thieves to grind out the VIN number from the caravan windows.

  • Have a reliable alarm fitted and switch it on whenever you leave your caravan, even if only for a few minutes.
  • At home, always keep caravan keys in a safe place out of sight from windows and doors and take valuables with you when you leave the vehicle.
  • When your caravan is not in use, leave curtains and cupboard doors open – thieves can be put off by a caravan that is obviously empty.
  • Write your vehicle identification number (VIN) in several hidden places within the caravan. Use a permanent marker to write the VIN on the underside of drawers, in cupboards and on wooden surfaces. Etch the VIN on to the windows using an ultraviolet pen. This makes the caravan easy to identify if it’s stolen.
  • Lock the caravan coupling head into a cover using a good quality hitch lock. Fit lockable wheel nuts.
  • Always lock all doors and windows every time you leave your caravan. Always lock your roof light and gas compartment as well.
  • Never leave personal or valuable items on display inside the caravan. Consider forensic and security marking your personal items.
  • Immobilise your caravan using an approved lock. Put the immobiliser on when the caravan is parked, and when you stop for short periods.
  • Use good quality, heavy-duty chains and hitch locks to secure your caravan.
  • Fix lock nuts or wheel clamps to the wheels. Padlock gas cylinders to fixing clamps.
  • Never leave vehicle registration documents inside the caravan. They can help a thief to sell the caravan.
  • Fit a tracking device. Police will be able to track your caravan if it is stolen.


As we start a new year we are looking at planning and what events are taking place on the rural area. If you have any events such as fetes, coffee morning’s, village fund raisers or similar and would like us to attend then please E Mail me the details at caroline.brown@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk and we will do our best to ensure someone can attend.